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Vintage Givenchy


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Vintage Givenchy Blue and Orange Silk Scarf with Irish Linen Cushion Pillow

Large, plush custom made one-of-a-kind luxury cushion (pillow) created from a vintage silk Givenchy fashion scarf in a strong 60s colour palate of mustard yellow, teal blue and brown. In 1968 luxury French brand of haute couture clothing Givenchy started a ready-to-wear line called ‘Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique’ examples of which are not often come by. Hubert de Givenchy was a great admirer of Balenciaga, with whom he had a very close personal and professional relationship, and they influenced each other’s work which is evident and can be noted in some of our other Balenciaga pieces. A very masculine and bold geometric plaid pattern, it has a soft and glossy finish. 

The sumptuous silk is backed in new 100% pure Irish linen, the aristocrat of textiles and certified by the Irish Linen Guild, lined in a layer of natural bamboo wadding, filled with new plush duck feather insert and a concealed zip. Would love great paired with Mi-Century-Modern furniture bachelor pad or in a glamorous contemporary setting on perhaps velvet or even wood to bring out the brown tones. The shade of linen is called ‘raw’ as it is in it’s natural unbleached colour giving it a wonderfully rich tone which fabulously compliments the front. 

A contemporary cushion (pillow) constructed with antique elements by using fragments of precious fabric.

Handcrafted in Ireland

Created by designer-maker Katie Larmour


Color: Mustard / orange, brown, blue and black.

Size: 19.5“ x 19.5“

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