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Vintage Christian Dior Silk Scarf with Irish Linen Cushion Pillow

Custom made one-of-a-kind luxury cushion created from an exquisite vintage silk Christian Dior fashion scarf rich autumnal coloured design. Dior was hugely important in the 1950s emerging again after the war in their part in making fashion extravagant once again and is still today the ultimate in the couture fashion world. Made from a beautiful silk, with an extremely soft tot the touch surface that looks and feels almost like velvet, it is simply divine. Dominantly taking centre stage are the letters C and D signifying Christian Dior, and the iconic logo elegantly and subtlety repeats across the surface. Sometimes with designer garments if the logo becomes the whole design it can be overbearing but this vintage specimen the feature is very tasteful indeed. With its subdued colours it would be a fabulous adornment to a bachelor pad or contemporary office matched with Mid-Century Modern furniture.

Backed in new 100% pure Irish linen, the aristocrat of textiles and certified by the Irish Linen Guild, lined in a layer of natural bamboo wadding, filled with new plush duck feather insert and a concealed zip. The traditional oatmeal color linen is a combination of the unbleached raw colour of the natural flax plant on the weft intertwined with pristine white on the warp, resulting in a beautiful mottled effect. It pairs wonderfully with the softer muted tones on the front.

A contemporary cushion (pillow) constructed with antique elements by using fragments of precious fabric.

Handcrafted in Ireland

Created by designer-maker Katie Larmour


Colour: Light beige, tan, fawn, brown, navy and off white. 

Size: 17.5 x 18 “

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