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Large Blue Vintage Gucci Silk Scarf with Irish Linen Cushion Pillow

Large custom made one-of-a-kind luxury cushion (pillow) created from an exquisite and rare vintage pure silk Gucci fashion scarf in a bold and striking design. It features a central belt and matching capped corners, either referencing the brand’s signature luggage or perhaps denim garments due to the indigo blue coloring. Detailing their iconic double ‘GG’ logo across the front in a subtle foulard style pattern, woven repeatedly within the fabric, especially visible when caught by the light. Also note ‘Gucci’ inscribed proudly on the buckle.

Founded in Florence in 1920 as a high-end leather goods manufacturer by Guccio Gucci who had been an immigrant hotel worker in both Paris and later London and was impressed with the luxurious luggage he saw wealthy guests bring with them.

Known for their bamboo and equestrian snaffle-bit detailing, loafers, former creative director Tom Ford and clients such as Grace Kelly.

With a beautiful soft feel to touch, this luxury scarf is in perfect condition. Backed in new 100% pure Irish linen, the aristocrat of textiles and certified by the Irish Linen Guild, lined in a layer of natural bamboo wadding, filled with new plush duck feather insert and a concealed zip. The traditional oatmeal color linen is a combination of the unbleached raw colour of the natural flax plant on the weft intertwined with pristine white on the warp, resulting in a beautiful mottled effect.

This oversized, bold pillow is without a doubt the ultimate statement piece for an interior. Elegant and glam it conjures sophistication and seductive luxury, the ultimate showpiece for one’s interior or yacht decor. 

A contemporary cushion (pillow) constructed with antique elements by using fragments of precious fabric.

Handcrafted in Ireland

Created by designer-maker Katie Larmour


Color: Gold, yellow ochre, blue, indigo, soft black, pale grey (gray), ivory, cream and off white. 

Size: 24.5 x 24.5” 


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