Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo

Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo


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Vintage Gold Zebra Salvatore Ferragamo Silk Scarf and Irish Linen Cushion Pillow

Custom-made one-of-a-kind cushion (pillow) created from a stunning rare vintage, circa 1970s silk Salvatore Ferragamo fashion scarf in an elaborate flora and fauna design. Salvatore Ferragamo was an innovative shoe designer from Milan renowned for his iconic 1930s cork wedges and the 1947 ‘invisible shoe’. In fact in the 1980s Ferragamo used his early shoe designs as prints on their scarves. He first introduced silk scarves to his collections in the 1950s, the earliest depicting African zoological animals and flora theme, the brand is still known today for producing exotic animals and organic motifs on their luxury scarves.

This particular silk is a very rare and exceptional piece, the zebra find is more unique than their usual tigers and large cats. It’s exquisitely detailed, note the exotic hortensia/hydrangea flower pattern cleverly drawn covering the animals face and bodies making them appear delicately incased in an extra skin of camouflage. Bright mustard, with a beautiful sheen, a spectacular statement piece for an interior.

Backed in new 100% pure Irish linen, the aristocrat of textiles and certified by the Irish Linen Guild, lined in a layer of natural bamboo wadding, filled with new plush duck feather insert and a concealed zip. The traditional oatmeal color linen is a combination of the unbleached raw colour of the natural flax plant on the weft intertwined with pristine white on the warp, resulting in a beautiful mottled effect.

A contemporary cushion (pillow) constructed with antique elements by using fragments of precious fabric.

Handcrafted in Ireland

Created by designer-maker Katie Larmour


Colour: Rich antique gold/bright mustard, charcoal grey, leaf green, yellow ochre and faint brown.

Size: 23.5 x 23.5“

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