Vintage Schiaparelli

Vintage Schiaparelli




Large Vintage Schiaparelli Camouflage Silk Scarf with Irish Linen Cushion Pillow

Custom made one-of-a-kind luxury cushion (pillow) created from a rare vintage silk Schiaparelli scarf, in an unusual camouflage print originally with hand rolled edges. Featuring the ‘Schiaparelli’ signature placed elegantly in bottom right corner. 

Elsa Schiaparelli was an aristocratic Italian fashion designer who along with Coco Chanel, her greatest rival, is regarded as one of the most prominent figures in fashion between the two World Wars, but Schiaparelli did not adapt to the changes in fashion following the war and her couture house closed in 1954. She was encouraged by couture godfather Paul Poiret and her designs were heavily influenced by her contemporary Surrealist friends, doing collaborations with both Salvador Dalí and Jean Cocteau. Interestingly by 1939, Schiaparelli was well-known enough in intellectual circles to be mentioned as ‘the epitome of modernity’ by the Irish poet Louis MacNeice. (the Schiaparelli brand has since reopened again in 2012) The eccentric designer is remember most for her ‘Tear Dress’, ’Lobster Dress’ and the ‘Shoe Hat’. She is also famed for her use of the colour shocking pink, so much so that she is believed to have even introduced the name for the colour ‘shocking pink’. We also have a Schiaparelli cushion in a shocking pink colour-way listed. 

This is a particularly beautiful design as although it is vintage it would fit perfectly into a contemporary decor. The subtle pale army hues allude to military desert patterns but are very delicate and feminine in this piece. Discovered in an antiques shop in Paris, this exhibition quality piece would make a spectacular showpiece to any interior. It would go well with our Liberty of London cushion is similar tones. 

Backed in new 100% pure Irish linen, the aristocrat of textiles and certified by the Irish Linen Guild, lined in a layer of natural bamboo wadding, filled with new plush duck feather insert and a concealed zip. The traditional oatmeal color linen is a combination of the unbleached raw colour of the natural flax plant on the weft intertwined with pristine white on the warp, resulting in a beautiful mottled effect.

A contemporary cushion (pillow) constructed with antique elements by using fragments of precious fabric. In perfect condition. 

Handcrafted in Ireland

Created by designer-maker Katie Larmour


Color: Grey (grey), moss green, antique gold, mustard, ivory, off-white and yellow ochre.

Size: 23.5. x 23.5“

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